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Joyce Francisco - 2011 Spirit of Wellness Honoree

After recovering from multiple knee and foot surgeries and cancer, Joyce continued to make fitness a priority. She's living proof that with determination anything is possible.

Joyce Francisco joined the Center for Health & Fitness when she retired 11 years ago. With a love to travel, she was focused on living the best quality of life possible by making her health a priority. Joyce has traveled to six different continents; her favorite part of traveling is being able to explore cities by foot.

Over the past seven years, Joyce has recovered from four knee and foot surgeries. Determined to keep her passion for traveling alive, she used personal training to help her regain and maintaining strength.

“My philosophy is just to say, get through life as best I can, putting one foot in front of the other, on a day by day basis,” said Joyce, “and when the bad stuff hits I try to tell myself, this too shall pass.”

Two years ago, Joyce was diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemo and radiation, today she is a survivor. Her willpower as well as her family and friends were an incredible support system.

According to Joyce, “First and foremost my husband who took care of me, my daughter and grandchildren were always there for me, my Red Hat friends were always calling. I was very, very fortunate.”

Joyce’s determination and willpower to life live the best quality of life possible makes her an inspiration to the CHF community. Joyce will continue her journey next year by visiting Antarctica, and will have traveled to all seven continents. You can still find Joyce working out with personal trainer Julie Huynh or having coffee with her friends in the café after their workout.